Enzyme Paste


Enzyme Paste cleans tough stained kitchen utensils, ie. Pots, pans, air fryers, kitchen hood tops effectively. Removes burnt stains simply by soaking in the item with hot water. If you use it to clean your dishes regularly, you will find them like sparkling new!

Enzyme Paste also unclog blocked basins, drains, toilets and pipes. Just mix it with hot water, and pour them in.

Put them in small containers and add it into your fridge to eliminate odors, bacteria and keep your items in it fresh for a longer period of time.

Ingredients: fruit peels, sugar & filtered water
Usage guidance: Works best when mix with hot water. Mix 1:2 hot water, use it to sponge/scrub where necessary then rinse out thoroughly. For items that you can soak in, just soak it in with hot water and rinse thoroughly after.

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