FAQ & Where To Buy

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about J Homemade’s Enzyme Cleaners.

Don’t worry, if the question you have is not listed here, please feel free to contact us at jhomemadebubbles@gmail.com

Do the enzyme cleaners stink?

No, they don’t. Our enzyme cleaners are made of the fermenting process of fruit peels + sugar + water.

If it is fermented, then how can they not stink?

The scent from fruits comes mainly from the peels. Conduct an experiment, peel an orange separate the fruit and the peel, leave them in room temperature for 24 hours. 24 hours later, smell the fruit first and then go and smell the peel. The peel will still carry a strong orange scent, where else the fruit will have minimal orange scent with added hint of it turning bad. J Homemade’s Enzyme Cleaners mainly consists of fruit peels, hence the fruit scent will actually over power the fermentation smell.

Sure? Not smelly at all?

I won’t say it is not AT ALL. It is fermented after all, and some fruits are still stuck on to the peels where we can’t separate entirely. So there is a hint of fermentation smell. However, because we dilute before we use, the smell will not stay on the things we use to clean. In fact, it helps remove the smell from the items we are to clean. One of the key strength of J Homemade’s Enzyme Cleaners is that it successfully remove odours (ie. sweaty clothes, pet’s poop/pee, children’s vomit and etc).

Would they harm my skin?

Of course, not! Not unless peeling an orange does 😉 In fact, enzyme cleaners help heal. For more info on the benefits of enzyme cleaners: http://www.enzymesos.com/what-is-eco-enzyme/eco-enzyme-sharing

What can I use J Homemade's Enzyme Cleaners for?

You can use it for almost anything! We use it in our showers, for our clothes, home, kitchen, baby bottles, car, and etc. Our friends use it on their furkids too!

How to use J Homemade's Enzyme Cleaners?

You basically use it just like how you use your commercial cleaners. J Homemade’s Enzyme Cleaners are actually concentrate, hence you actually only need to use half of the amount you usually use for commercial cleaners. For beginners, we would advise you to do a 3 part mixture > 1 part Multipurpose Enzyme Cleaner: 1 part commercial cleaners: 1 part water. For exact specific directives, please refer to this link: http://jhomemadebubbles.blogspot.my/p/how-to-use-enzyme-cleaners.html

If it works so well, why do i still need to add in commercial cleaners?

J Homemade’s Enzyme Cleaners are completely natural, hence it will not produce any bubbles during the cleaning process. Being so used to commercial cleaners that create lots and lots of bubbles, we will not get use to the sudden change. In that case, wastage happens and we definitely do not want that.

If J Homemade's Enzyme Cleaners are concentrate, why is the texture watery?

That is because we do not add any thickening chemical in the cleaners we make. It is not necessary to do so. The more runny the solution is, the easier it is to wash off. Less water wasted to rinse off! (In fact, when used to clean the floor, you will not need to mop again with water to clean it off, leaving the cleaner’s solution on actually help warts of home pests like cockroaches, ants, lizards and etc).

If the cleaners consist of sugar, will it not attract ants instead?

The purpose of sugar in any fermenting process is to feed the bacteria in it. Hence, at the end of the fermentation process, no sugar is left in the solution. If you taste it, it wouldn’t even taste sweet. (Yes, we actually did try taste it :)).

If there are bacteria in the Enzyme Cleaners, are they still safe to use?

Yes, it is. Because these bacteria are not alive. In fact they assist with disinfecting and sterilize the environment/item you use on. For more info: http://ultraclear.com/bacteria.html

How do i keep the cleaners and how long can i keep it for?

Fermented items (ie. apple cider vinegar) don’t spoil easily. Just keep them in air tight bottles and they are good for 2-3 years at least. Even after 2-3 years, it just becomes less effective and will not spoil completely.

There are whitish stuff at the top of my enzyme cleaners, can i still use them?

Yes, it’s alright to have the whitish stuff at the top. That’s the normal oxidization process of the natural enzyme, just shake it up and they are good to use.

Why should I use J Homemade's Enzyme Cleaners?

We are completely recyclable! Our products are made from fruit peels (considered waste to many, recycled item), fermented in recycled bottles and sold in reused bottles! We use our own cleaners for on ourselves and also on everything & every corner of our home! So we will definitely ensure only the best is produced.

Where can I get J Homemade Natural Cleaners?

We deliver nationwide in Malaysia with a minimal delivery fee incurred. Please email jhomemadebubbles@gmail.com for purchase requisition. (link to where to buy)